Things to know before visiting

1.Must we take an X-ray before adjustments?

Yes. X-rays allow us to have better diagnosis, detect subluxations and also to rule out underlying serious conditions.


2.Is chiropractic care safe?

Yes. Chiropractic care is safe for various age group including toddler, teenager, adult, pregnant women and elderly. 


3.Is chiropractic care painful?

We can guarantee our treatment are mostly painless unless you have acute condition such as bad ankle sprain. 


4.Can I just walk in and have a full body adjustment?

We will not perform any adjustment without proper history taking and assessment. In Alive Chiropractic we fix problems by identifying the specific joint that misaligned. 


5.How many adjustments needed to get my problem fixed?

Your recovery rate is highly dependent on your body. Hence, each person and each problem has very different recovery rate. Typically if the problem is simple and direct, it will take 3-4 visits to see a major difference.